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Dear Will #2

Dear Will, Guess who was the first, non-family member, to hold you when you were a tiny baby?  Joel Williams! Now he is one of your most special friends. Janet and Joel were always faithful friends and part of our church family. Joel has always been one of your biggest fans, and as you grew up, he celebrated many good times with you. You are famous for giving hugs and high fives in the aisles of FBC, Darien, every Sunday. Your friends love it when you sing with Dad. I have even had people stop me at the post office to tell me how much they enjoy your singing. It is amazing how people I may or may not know...

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Dear Will #1

  Dear Will, I have decided to write you a series of letters because I want you to better understand how much love you have brought into our lives. One day, Sissy will read you the letters. All babies bring joy to their parents, but you have made an impact on everyone around you. You started out so small and delicate. Prematurity brought on a brain bleed when you were one week old. We did not know it at the time, but that bleed would lead to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I was holding you in the NICU and you had a seizure. It was the first seizure I had ever seen. Dad and I were so...

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